Solar Beam Light

Solartronics Solar Beam Light was recently added to our solar wall lights series and primarily introduced for customers looking for high powered lighting solution outdoors. Solar Beam Light is adjustable and slides vertically as well as horizontally. Also, this light is IP65 waterproof which means you can easily place it outdoors without anything to worry about.

Solartronics Solar Beam Light comes with a built in , high quality,  mono crystalline solar panel at the top that gives you a premium feel and lasting back up. The overall finish is exquisite and gives your outer walls a soothing look. This light can be placed at a comfortable height of 10ft and offer 2000 lumens of bright light covering a vast area.

Specification include:

Power: 20W

Panel: 8W Mono Crystalline

Capacity: 3.7V

LED: OSRAM 2835 with 39 pcs

Color Temperature: White (4000k)

Efficiency: 170 lm/w

Waterproof: IP65




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